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Therapeutic Listening

*A child’s ability to appropriately process sound can influence his ability to interact with his environment and learn new skills. 

Therapeutic Listening (TL) consists of listening to electronically altered music over specific headphones that are able to pick up higher and lower  than normal sound frequencies. Because the process of listening involves many levels of the brain, listening therapy can influence many aspects of a child’s functioning. Children with a variety of different presentations and needs can benefit from Therapeutic Listening. A customized listening program can be used to target a child’s sensory modulation abilities, behavioral regulation, emotional regulation, communication skills, postural control or motor skills, as well as auditory processing to reduce sensitivity and/or increase responsiveness. 

The modified music utilized in this program provides input that stimulates not only the auditory system, but also the vestibular system due to the close proximity of these two systems within the inner ear. The music contains a variety of frequencies and rhythms, and stimulates sounds directed from different points in space. The combination of these variables helps a child to better understand their environment through enhancing spatial orientation and promoting attention and arousal level.

When supervised by a skilled clinician, listening therapy can be carried out in the clinic, home or school.

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