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Hear From Our Clients

“Mrs. Kenia, I wanted to take the time to tell you how grateful I am for all of your work with my son. He really has improved GREATLY in his handwriting ability since we started working with you. I have been going through the worksheets and homeschooling work that we’ve amassed since June of 2022 when I started working with him at home once he wrapped up his first grade year in the classroom. It is a DRAMATIC improvement in his ability to write letters and numbers. I KNOW that he would not be where he is today without your help. You have enabled him to work on more things more easily, whether it is for school or for fun. He’s drawing more and he;s not shying away from his writing like he used to. We’re so thankful for all of your time and your support, guidance, and for pushing him lovingly when he’s needed to help him grow.”


“ As a parent of a child with ASD and developmental delays, finding the right support for my son was paramount. The TEACH Group has been an invaluable part of our journey. For the past nine months, my son has been attending speech,ABA, and OT therapy sessions with their team, and the progress he has made is nothing short of remarkable and transformative.

The team at the TEACH Group goes above and beyond in every aspect of care. Not only do they provide exceptional therapy, but they also take the time to ensure that I am fully informed and educated about the process. They meticulously explain the goals they are working on, allowing me to reinforce these lessons at home. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in my son’s development.

What sets the TEACH Group apart is their genuine care and dedication. They truly invest in their patients’ success, a rarity that cannot be overstated. Finding the Teach Group has been a blessing for our family. With their guidance and support, I am confident that my son is receiving everything he needs to progress and thrive. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their empathy, expertise, and commitment are unparalleled , making them an exceptional choice for any family navigating similar paths.”


“My son has been receiving occupational therapy at TEACH group since 2021. We love our therapist, Alyssa! She has made a great impact in my son’s life! We have had significant improvement in his sensory processing disorder. Alyssa has been very patient and kind to my son. Kristy at the front desk is always smiling and kind when she checks you in. Stacy with billing is very good to help with any insurance issues that come up. I would highly recommend TEACH group OT for children with sensory processing disorder.”


“The speech therapists at the TEACH group are wonderful and have helped my child find the language to express his needs. We are currently working with Ms. Claire: she is bright and energetic and always shares helpful strategies with me after the sessions so that I can continue to work with my child at home.”


“All I have ever wanted was someone to get to know my child so that he could receive the best diagnosis and more importantly, the best support he can get so that he can thrive in life. The TEACH Group EXCEEDED expectations!”


“I am thankful that a company like the TEACH Group exists. The staff is friendly, efficient, and they are great with communication. My child’s therapist, Mrs. Kenia was not only knowledgeable but also took the time to address all my questions and concerns. The growth and skills my child has gained from his time at the TEACH Group are unparalleled to other therapy companies we have attended.”


“My son came to know the TEACH Group at a time when we were really struggling with some difficult behaviors. He was non-verbal and we were trying to implement an AAC device to help him communicate. He was struggling to potty train and to control his behaviors most of the time. At this point my son was getting bigger and stronger and I was very concerned about his negative behaviors. Dr. Sarah and her team came in with some amazing behavioral techniques and implemented a visual schedule and visual timers that I use to this day! Dr. Sarah and her team took on my sons explosive outbursts and helped find ways to implement sensory input and replacement behaviors that helped calm him when he seemed uncontrollable. Not only is my son potty trained now but he is verbally communicating with single words as well as using his AAC device. I am so thankful for all the staff at the TEACH Group and their dedication to help not only children but families on how to handle situations at home. Dr. Sarah and her team have been nothing short of life changing for our family!”


“I just wanted to take a minute and say a HUGE thankyou to the TEACH Group. My granddaughter Cali has dyslexia and has struggled with reading.She began seeing Caroline at the TEACH Group and within 2 months was reading very well. Her third grade teacher was amazed at the improvement. She sent my daughter an email asking what they had done differently because the change was amazing. She wants all of her students that have reading problems to see Caroline. Cali’s second grade teacher even asked her to come back and read to her class. Cali now reads above her grade level and has a new love for books. One of her favorite places is the bookstore and she always has a book with her! I am blessed firsthand to see what a change they made. “


“We are so appreciative of all the TEACH Group has done for our son! Before he started, he was constantly running away from me in public places and would refuse to do his work at school. Since we have started, his behavior has vastly improved– he has been so much better at listening and following instructions and he has performed much better in a classroom setting. The therapists do an excellent job of breaking goals down into tangible steps and are so positive and helpful in terms of feedback. He is always happy to go see Ms. Rachel and Ms. Claire! We are so happy to have found a home with the TEACH Group!”


“Since we have started to take my child to the Teach Group I have seen great improvements in many ways. The staff is fun and my child loves to come to therapy. It’s always a fun experience and even when he is having a bad day they always help make it better. I couldn’t be happier with the Teach Group and my child’s Occupational Therapist. They always take their time with him and go at his pace. I will always take him here and recommend the Teach Group to lots of People.”


“The TEACH group has done an amazing job for our kid. From the front desk to the therapists the experience was fantastic! He started at the clinic attending OT sessions and Alyssa went beyond to guide him with his struggles and help him. Caroline, his speech therapist, was able to diagnose and develop a plan that truly helped him. Both therapists are very knowledgeable, patient, and kind. My son gained confidence and this really changed his life. I cannot be more grateful to this group!”


“Our son, Collier, has been working with speech therapists and occupational therapists at the TEACH Group for over 5 years to help him learn and navigate his changing developmental needs related to autism. The staff and therapists at TEACH Group have always treated Collier and our family with kindness and respect. His therapy providers have worked hard to challenge and support Collier and our family as we continue to develop techniques to help Collier communicate and remain safe in his environment at home, school, and the community. The ST and OT services we have received at the TEACH Group have been the number one best resource for Collier’s growth and learning and we feel confident in communicating our needs, concerns, and challenges with our providers. We are so grateful to know we have this team who will continue to work with us to provide care, support and guidance as we help Collier gain confidence in his strengths and abilities and increase his communication, self-care skills and safety awareness. We are so thankful to have found the TEACH Group to walk alongside us as we love Collier and provide for his needs.”

Carrie and Jason

“I am giving my testimony as a mother of a child who has a sensory disorder. When my kindergartener refused to eat anything other than a certain type of macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets, and we started to see a delay in some areas, we found the TEACH Group. We have been with the TEACH Group for five years and I have seen my child grow so much. He is more confident, he is proud of himself, he loves going every week and seeing the people that help him be the best he can be. From the office staff to everyone that works with each and every child, you can see in their eyes they love children and they want children to be the best person that they were created to be. A child that is not your typical all American boy or girl is really hard to come to grips with. We have learned that having a Sensory Disorder just means that your brain works in a different way. We have learned different ways to help our son from the TEACH Group staff. I would recommend the TEACH Group to anyone who is worried about their child’s development. I want to thank each and every person that has touched my heart and for how much they pout into my child.”


“It would be hard to put into words how grateful we are for The TEACH Group! The growth we have seen in our son over the past year has been an answer to many prayers. Our son has benefited immensely from his time spent learning skills and tools in Occupational Therapy with Kathy Boling. He looks forward to his weekly sessions and his confidence level continues to soar. As a parent, I appreciate the evidence-based research articles and tools utilized. We have been given resources that can be used at school, as well. The entire staff at TEACH Group goes above and beyond to advocate and help children. We will forever be thankful for this amazing group of superheroes in our community. “


“The TEACH Group is exactly what our family needed. The therapists and staff listen to our concerns and go above and beyond to support our family.

My favorite thing about the TEACH Group is that our therapists are all in one place. This means less transition for my children and more communication between the staff concerning the needs of my child.

I highly recommend this hidden gem to any caregiver.“


“My 2.5 year old has been going to the TEACH Group for about five months now through TEIS for speech and occupational therapy, and the progress he has made in that short time is unbelievable! Having a recent diagnosis of autism, he struggles in new environments as well as interactions with new people. However, when we go to therapy, he gets so excited to see Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Julia. I appreciate their open communication and continued updates so I can better help him at home as well.

Everyone I have encountered has been very welcoming, accommodating, and kind. I am so grateful for the therapists and front desk staff for helping my child grow and develop his skills.”


“We have taken our son to TEACH for 2 and a half years now. I have always felt like the therapists truly care about my son in every way. They celebrate his progress as much as we do! Also, they have always been willing to pivot quickly to address any need that arises. Most recently, we needed help with some schoolwork that he isn’t comfortable doing at home. Sara printed up custom handouts within 5 minutes and had a plan that left my son a little more enthusiastic and me a little less hopeless. We live an hour plus away with traffic, but we choose to continue with TEACH group because our son has made progress at a rapid pace in multiple areas. Another huge plus for our family is the emails they send recapping every session. These are so important to me because I cannot attend most of his therapies, but I want to know all the details. So they explain everything to my husband and then also take the time to email me. Also, the overall vibe in the office is great; we love everyone there.”