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Psychological Services

Our Psychology Department offers assessments and treatment services for a wide range of conditions and diagnosis.

Services and Treatment Programs

  • Psychological Consultation
    •  A one-time psychological consultation to discuss parent concerns. This consultation serves as the starting point for other services, including diagnostic evaluations, parent coaching, or cognitive behavioral therapy. At this session, the psychologist  will discuss child history as well as parent concerns to help determine an appropriate course of action or referral recommendations.
  • Diagnostic Evaluations
    • The TEACH Group provides comprehensive, diagnostic psychological evaluations for children of all ages. We specialize in testing and evaluation of developmental and psychoeducational disorders, including autism spectrum disorder, behavioral disorders, dyslexia, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, developmental disorders, and other school issues. 
    • Evaluations generally consist of 4 separate appointments:
      • Psychological Consultation
      • 2 Testing Appointments
      • Results Appointment
    • The TEACH Group can also provide re-evaluation services.
  • Parent coaching/training
    • The TEACH Group provides short-term parent coaching sessions to help equip parents to manage behavior, particularly with children with developmental disabilities. Parents are provided with tools to navigate difficult behaviors demonstrated by their child and increase the effectiveness of discipline strategies.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
    • The TEACH Group provides CBT to address issues including anxiety, mood problems, emotional regulation, or self-confidence. Skills covered include identification and recognition of emotions as well as understanding of cognitive and behavioral strategies to address emotional problems.
  • Social Skills Groups
    • The TEACH Group hosts social skills groups for children between 6-13 years of age. Groups meet on a weekly basis and cover many aspects of social skills, such as communication, relationships, and emotional regulation. Groups are offered in semester-long sessions.
    • The TEACH Group  also provides individual social skills training for children and teens.

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