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PLAY: Peer Interaction, Language Development, and Acquisition of Social Skills for Young Children

PLAY is a readiness class designed for children, ages 3-6 years, who benefit from focused teaching on socialization, communication, and learning skills. The class is based on an integrated learning model and includes peer models. It supports a natural learning environment, and teaches developmental skills through direct instruction, paired play, structured play, and supported interactions.

PLAY offers a unique multidisciplinary approach that supports children in meeting pivotal developmental milestones. Our daily routine is rooted in evidence-based practices and diligently planned, providing children with individualized care to meet targeted goals.

One of the most valuable skills gained in early childhood is the ability to engage and socialize. Social and play skills create a strong foundation for cognition, social-emotional development, problem-solving, and more. At PLAY, we create an environment that nurtures growth and allows children to build these pivotal skills in a social setting.

Throughout the daily routine, children at PLAY build social and play skills by interacting with their teachers and peers during circle time, music, free play, and throughout their daily routine.