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Sometimes parents need their own cheerleaders- their own coaches to sit beside them to develop the best plan for their family. Parents are welcome to come in on their own for one or as many sessions as they feel they need assistance with.

Every intervention that your child is involved in will require your participartion in order for the behavior change to remain. There is no way for Inspire to “fix” your child without your assistance. You are their environoment- they react to your behaviors therefore you are a very powerful key to their success. A happy parenting relationship can be found through identifing target behaviors you want to change, having a well defined plan, being coached on how to use the tools and seeing the results it brings you and your child!

Parent Coaching. Parent coaching covers a wide area of challenges, including:

  • Rebellious and difficult teens
  • Withdrawn and depressed youths
  • Children undergoing transitions
  • Youth and children who are acting out at school
  • Youth and children who act out through property damage or physical aggression
  • Toilet Training
  • Siblings who constantly fight
  • Youth, children, teens who are distracted, can’t seem to focus and/or follow directions
  • Youth, children, teens with developmental disabilities, special learning and/or behavioral needs
  • Children at the “terrible twos.”
  • The care of infants with or without special needs
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