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Executive Functioning Program

  • The TEACH Group offers an interdisciplinary approach to teaching executive functioning skills. In this program, children learn strategies and skills to help improve executive functioning (EF). Nine different components of EF are included in the program. These include: Task-Monitor, Self-Monitor, Inhibit, Plan/Organize, Initiate, Working Memory, Shift, Emotional Control, and Organization of Materials.
  • Evaluation consists of behavior rating scales completed by self, parent, and teacher reporters. The evaluation can be initiated by therapists from speech/language, occupational, behavioral, or psychological departments. Results of the completed rating scales help to inform which components of executive functioning will be targeted in therapy. Children who participate in the EF program begin with an EF intake appointment with the psychologist, where they are provided with information and materials regarding the program.
  • The EF team meets bi-weekly to review progress and goals of children participating in the program.
  • Parent coaching and check-ins are offered as part of the program as well, to promote carry over of skills and activities learned in therapy. 
  • Outside support, such as teachers, coaches, or grandparents, are included to promote skill acquisition across multiple settings.
  • Behavioral incentives are a vital part of the program to encourage participation and foster motivation for children.
  • EF Resources:
    • Books for Parents: 
  • Smart but Scattered by Peg Dawson & Richard Guare
  • Taking Charge of ADHD by Russell Barkley
  • Online Resources and Information:
  • Places to Buy Organizational Materials & Visual Aids